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About us:

Genes Digitales
Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
Oficina 30. Roque Senz Peña 180, Bernal.
(B1876BXD) Argentina

Phone: (+54-11)4365-7100 ext. 198.

Project Manager: Sebastián Bassi
B.Sc. in Biotechnology undergraduated student. He uses computers since 1985 (TI-99/4A) to present, and is currently working in a PCR primer design software, under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Ghiringelli at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Hardware Issues: MD. José Luis Brunini

Press: Virginia Gonzalez

Legal Stuff: Dolores Valdemoros

Webmaster: Juan Cruz Casabona

Science Advisor Board:

Ignacio Valdes, M.D., MS, University of Texas Southwestern, Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Houston, BS computer science from Texas A&M University. He is editor of, a leading news site for Linux medical education and practice. Previous employment with IBM and Compaq, currently Vice President, Medical Software Division of Tele-Tech Software Corp. Dr. Valdes specializes in health care software of all kinds, and has programmed research and commercial software in many computer languages.

Molecular Biology:
Gustavo Parisi (B.Sc. in Biochemistry, Universidad Nacional de La Plata) He teachs Physical Chemistry at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes and the main subject of his research work is molecular evolution of proteins.

Physics & Math:
Guillermo Ortega, Ph.D. Physics, University of Buenos Aires. Researcher of CONICET and professor at the National University of Quilmes. His main research area is in the field of nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory. Especifically, in the "inverse problem" of nonlinear time series analysis. He is currently working in several applications like signals coming from EEG ("evoked potentials") and in more fundamental issues, one of these is discrimination between different kind of noises.

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